Collabit is a revolutionary approach to information sharing that makes collaboration easy.
It's an Intranet, it's a collaboration tool, it's a workflow system.

Create it. Share it. Collabit.

What is Collabit?'s an Intranet

The key reason for having an intranet is to enable your organisation to share information.

In our information-rich world, traditional systems of files and folders are too limited, restricting users and compartmentalising ideas. Collabit provides a flexible alternative, working across application and departmental boundaries to enable employees to immerse themselves in your organisation's collective knowledge.

"share your organisation's collective knowledge"

"effortless transition from Intranet to Extranet"'s a collaboration tool

Collaborating with customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners has never been so easy.

We believe that when you collaborate everything should be easy. Everything that you need should be available in one place. Collabit brings everything together in this way by creating collaboration workspaces.

As with all Collabit functions, you can select ‘off the peg’ options for a workspace to suit your needs, or customise it to meet your exact requirements.'s a workflow system

Collabit creates one place that everyone can access for a variety of functions – from simple holiday forms, to sophisticated project management. Whatever it is, Collabit will make it easy for you.

The more processes you create, the more information you will have available at your fingertips.

"Those Who Learned To Collaborate And Improvise Most Effectively Have Prevailed."
~ Charles Darwin

Why Collabit?

Your own Collabit expert

We want you to get the best out of Collabit and will help you to get up and running as quickly as possible. We can help you by adapting and importing your existing information (e.g. current intranet, company records) into the new system, as well as building new content and functions to meet your needs. If you have your own plans, your Collabit expert will help you implement them; otherwise we will help you identify how Collabit can enhance your productivity. Whatever it is, we will be there every step of the way.

Great features

Collabit has all the essentials such as user profiles, employee directories, posting facilities, document management, calendars, real time messaging, workspaces, live feeds, comments, polls, surveys, photo galleries a powerful search and many more. Pick and choose what you want to use or even create your own.

The power to create

Collabit gives you the power to build and create - customising functions to suit your needs.

As part of Collabit you will have access to various ready-made apps that will help you to get up and running straight away. In addition, you will also be able to build upon these apps and even create your own from scratch. After all, you know how your organisation works best!

Work from anywhere

Compatible with all popular web browsers and operating systems, Collabit works from anywhere.

Google Chrome - latest version, Mozilla Firefox - latest version, Internet Explorer 8+, Apple Safari 5+

We also have both an Android and iPhone app available.


Collabit provides you with complete flexibility to customize the platform’s look and feel in line with your corporate identity. Moreover, you can design workspaces differently for different customers (for example, using customer logos for bespoke workspaces).

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
~ Sir Isaac Newton

How it works

"Widgets are easy to use and require no technical skills. They are intended for everyone to use."


Widgets are the building blocks to Collabit. You will find a whole library of widgets that will allow you to build your Intranet. There are widgets to display your data in various different ways, from lists to calendar views, you decide what data you want to show and how you want to show it.

Widgets are easy to use and require no technical skills. They are intended for everyone to use.


If widgets are the system's building blocks then these come together to create mosaics of information, known as `faces`. Users can select a face for any `object` and display selected information in whichever way suits them.

You can add content to it, style it, share it, and build it into whatever you want.

About us

Founded in 2007, Collabit set out to pursue a completely different approach on how information sharing and knowledge is managed. Everyone works in different ways and have their own best practices. We wanted to create a system that would allow this to happen, but also make sure that this knowledge can be accessed by everyone and not be hidden away by departmental boundaries.

"Information must be free from application and departmental boundaries"

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